Friday, December 27, 2013

A Photo From Kirkland (Gaia Visits)

With my mom, she
peels potatoes downstairs. 
And we're in Kirkland, fingers locked
from peach smoothies
because the Book Thief wasn't showing. 

Above her natural
scarf and jacket, she dons white
Beats. Talking to my Tante
and laughing nearby
Gaia is here
for a few weeks. 
I find myself today
rainbow and glass
aside from khaki.

Just like Tante, Gaia 
doesn't mind her ecology professor
and because of that, I 
don't either, like my mom's biochem nutcase. 
Mom and Gaia are
twins and a Virgo
with Rick and
I, the Aries one of us. 

She kneels before the
On her jeans
(prayer rug)
She takes a picture. 


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